December 7, 2023
Chill Out with Candy King: Hard Apple on Ice

Candy King on Ice Hard Apple is a mouth-puckering green apple candy flavor with a refreshing twist of cool menthol. This is an extraordinary vape juice blend that will leave your mouth super refreshed.

Drench your starving taste buds with this delicious sour tangy green apple flavor. It will revive them one by one with every puff of dense vapor that you inhale.

Sour Green Apple Flavor

Sour green apple vape juice delivers a deliciously refreshing blast of tangy snappy green apple flavor with a surprisingly cool iced chill. This delectable premium ejuice comes in a 100ml bottle.

Green apples are a favorite of many because they provide an exciting tart flavor that is balanced out by a sweet fruity aroma and crunchy texture. They have a rich heritage that stretches all the way back to ancient Greece, and are still a staple in many North American cuisines today.

Put yourself in the shoes of a fresh ripe green apple that has just been swayed gently by the gentle breeze of an orchard. And then suddenly you are whisked away into a dark room and stripped of your shiny peel before being mercilessly crushed and poured into a vat of candy. It would be pretty sour if you were in the apples’ shoes! That’s exactly the kind of sour green apple taste that you can experience with this flavor from Candy King on Ice.

Sweet Green Apple Flavor

It was a typical autumn morning in the orchard, the leaves were blowing in the breeze and the sun was shining brightly. But then there was a sudden tug, and the shiny green apples were whisked away to be stripped of their shiny skins, crushed mercilessly into thick apple sauce, and stuffed into this delicious candy-coated 100ml bottle you see before you!

The sour green apple flavor is perfectly replicated, but then this mouthwatering blend is infused with a refreshing twist of cool menthol. Now you can enjoy a fresh and juicy green apple candy vape that’s rejuvenating on every inhale. Make sure you pair this flavor with the best starter kit and coils to make the most out of this amazingly crafted premium e-liquid!

Cool Menthol Flavor

Candy King on Ice is an incredible sour candy treat that has been infused with a burst of cool menthol. It’s a beautifully simple balance between the mouthwatering taste of fresh green apples and sugary sweet candy flavor that’s been revitalized by a refreshing blast of cool menthol!

This refreshing candy menthol eliquid is sure to become one of your vaping go-to flavors. It’s perfect for mouth-to-lung, low wattage, and pod system vapers that are looking for a refreshing new apple candy vapor.

For more amazing fruit and candy flavors, check out the rest of the Candy King On Ice collection. Candy King on Ice Hard Apple is available in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle, and it’s made with a 70/30 VG/PG base that produces massive clouds! It works incredibly well with draw activated, refillable pod starter kits and subohm tanks. Be sure to read all of the warnings and precautions found in the ‘Warnings’ tab before you use this product.

Refreshing Vape Experience

The bold flavors and supreme satisfaction that you have been waiting for are finally here. Hurry and load up your cart with a bottle of Candy King on Ice Hard Apple now.

Drench your taste buds in a swirling crown of dense tangy sour green apple candy clouds that will leave you puckering. Each hit will revitalize your taste buds as it hits the sweet spot that you have been craving.

Enjoy the dazzling taste of a fresh and juicy green apple candy flavor with a cool refreshing menthol finish. This amazing e-liquid from Candy King is sure to become your go-to vape flavor. Candy King on Ice is recommended for Mouth-to-Lung, Low Wattage, and Pod System vapers. This premium e-liquid is available in a value-packed, easy to use, Chubby Gorilla 100ml bottle. Presented by DripMore, this brand has made its mark in the vaping industry with a massive collection of sweet treat candy flavors for any occasion.